Monday, 7 May 2012

5 Monday Must Haves: Rainbow

Okay so must have is perhaps a tad misleading but they are definitely at the top of my list!
Also have you ever noticed there are the same number of letters in rainbow as there are colours in a rainbow? Pretty cool!

This rainbow umbrella from Amazon
Imagine on the rainiest, dullest of days having this to shelter under! Admittedly I have an umbrella with a cats face on but I could always switch it up.

This Rainbow bag from Whatever Comics
I always found Rainbow a little creepy because of the weird homosexual foursome vibe between the three puppets and the presenter guy but the child drawing style and bright colours make up for those latent feelings.

This rainbow dress by Flour Clothing
Sadly it's vintage and no longer available but I found the photo on Seesaw Designs blog so I can dream of someday finding one in a charity shop somewhere!

This amazing bird flying over a rainbow necklace from Mixko which sadly is no longer trading. 
I love the rain cloud could wear them both for maximum weather effect!

This bright necklace full of fun toys from Stars and Sprites
Loving this over the top accessory and you would never get bored because you could just play around with the charms on your neck!

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