Thursday, 17 May 2012

Bunting: Part 1

As part of the Diamond Festival (Hartlepool's Diamond Jubilee celebration weekend) our gang at work are putting on exciting events and also creating some really awesome kitschy bunting. It's inspired by the 1950s (and obviously the Queen) but strays away from the traditional red, white and blue. At first I thought the idea was a bit odd, given that people will be thinking union jack over that weekend but today as we ran our first couple of sessions printing it I totally started digging the vibe.

Because we didn't have a huge amount of attendees I got the chance to print a few (or else we'll never have enough to fill the bunting!) and also make some Jubilee themed stamps for others to use because a lot of our bunting had been based on 50s geometric prints and not a huge amount had the queen in it haha!

I really love these stamps and they are so easy (and cheap) to make and so effective! I'll probably stick a tutorial up once I buy myself some of the foam we use! My favourites are the Queen's head and the Cadillac (although the photo is blurry o.<). You see what I mean about the colour scheme but I seriously want some of this in my bedroom! All we used was acrylic paint (the cheaper stuff from the works), handmade stamps from the foam and fabric pens. I might give making my own bunting a go at this rate because I am loving it!

Also will people please remind me to stop taking pictures on my scummy, scummy floor! Such a bad backdrop!


  1. These look awesome. A tutorial would be great!!

    Did you go to the festival? How was it?

  2. Heya Amber,

    The festival isn't until the first weekend of June so I have a little while before it...which is good because we have a lot of bunting to make haha!!

    I'll stick up a tutorial in the next few days and hopefully have some pictures of it once it's all stitched together and ready to hang!

  3. omg I love these :)
    amazing post!!

  4. Hi Jess, I just wanted to let you know I've nominated you for a Liebster Award here, have a look :)