Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Creative Tuesdays: Unfinished Work

You're probably wondering why I chose Tuesday as a day to showcase my recent creative pursuits...I find that Tuesday is kind of my dip in the week. I often don't work on Fridays so it's kind of my midweek and its always been a day I've sort of disliked...so why not make it into a positive! It's also a good time to showcase anything that I've been up to over the weekend without there being a mad rush to get it done for the Monday. Hey it makes sense in my head!

At the moment I'm in the process of digging out my room and generally reorganizing. This is kind of a necessity since I've been so heavy handed with my thrifting lately that I need to make extra room for it all! In the process I've had a mass exodus of my artwork that has gathered since collage a lot of years ago. Amongst this, much of which I threw out (hey, more reason to make more!) I found a fair few illustrations I'd started in my period of sparse employment from graduating to starting my current job.

I've always had a real problem with starting illustrations but losing interest about 70% of the way through...the way I draw is generally pretty labour intensive so that final slog can be hard unless you are super excited about what you're doing. So I found several pieces that I thought...hmmm...I should really finish these. Some are short graphic stories that are half done, some are just one off illustrations and I'm aiming to get them all finished. It's also a good excuse to get back into my illustration more without having that difficult blank page syndrome.

These are the illustrations that I'm looking to finish. You'll notice that one is already coloured, that's because I forgot to take the group shot until I had completed one of them...doh!

I also forgot to scan in the original and ended up photographing it when I'd already started blocking in the tin man. The image was somewhat drawn out (the main characters) but I hadn't added the priest/other mourners and given that I liked the main cast I decided to go without. I should explain I made this image when one of the last munchkin actors died. The idea was that the old somewhat haggard cast would attend the funeral.

Today I thought I'd finished. The colours are just done with felttip pens (primarily Faber-Castell Artist Brush  Pens). Me and colour have an odd relationship. Because I have primarily worked in black and white I'm not great at applying it. This might explain why I forgot to colour the coffin and Dorothy's skin. Doh!

So I tried adding those colours with photoshop but I'm not sure it really works. I might go back in at some point and add it in by hand but I'm relatively happy with the outcome considering how lacks I've been with my art of late. Not sure what I'll tackle next but I'm sure I'll enjoy the challenge!

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