Sunday, 6 May 2012

Thrifty Finds: Clothes

I've had an amazing haul of charity shop clobber over the past few weeks...I'm not sure if I'm just the only person who shops in there who is under 40 or if I've just been really lucky but I've spent a ton in them but got loooads of clothes in return since I rarely spend more than £4 on anything from second hand.

Jacket (sans lining): £3.50 
Charity Shop: Barnardos Hartlepool
This little beaut was a tad expensive for me considering the condition but I loved the fact this jacket looks like a drawing. Oddly it had no lining so I don't know if it had degraded and been removed (since it is vintage) or what. I asked my mom if it is possible to add a new lining and she just looked as me as if I was I'm guessing it's not.

Vintage Skirt: £2.99
Charity Shop: RSPCA Hartlepool
I absolutely hate the feel of this's this horrible nylon fabric with a weird mesh lining that feels so wrong. However I really liked the colours and the print so I'm willing to deal. 

Anchor Long Top/Dress: £2.50
Charity Shop: Barnardos Hartlepool
This is possibly one of my favorite finds for a long time. The design is soo graphic and makes me think of my granddad (who was a ship fanatic). It's by a shop called which I've never heard of but seems pretty awesome. This is one of my risky buys in that it says its a size 10 and on the top I'm a 14...however it looked big so I went for it. I was so pleased it fit! I think maybe it was designed to be loose on a size 10 but I think it looks pretty good on!

Floral Knee Length Dress: £2.50 
Charity Shop: RSPCA Hartlepool
The moment I saw this dress I knew I wanted reminded me so much of a dress my Nana made me to wear in Euro Disney not long before she became unwell. You can see it vaguely in the very bad photo above...too much flash! It's funny how clothes can hold such massive memories. It's a bit snug on top, since its only a size 12 but I looove the print so much.

50s Print Tulip Mini Skirt: £2.50
Charity Shop: Barnardos Hartlepool
This is another one that kinda only just fits...but I loved the print so much! Very 1950s cushion. I don't generally buy throw away brands in charity shops (primark, matalan etc) but this seemed in near mint and since I probably won't wear it a huge amount (it's too short for work) and it was pretty cheap I went for it.

Graphic Print Tunic Dress: £2.99
Charity Shop: RSPCA Hartlepool
This has a weird 90s rave vibe to it. No idea if it's vintage since it's Miss Selfridge but it was a cute little dress for a good price. Odd thing (that I love) about the RSPCA shop is that their dresses are priced at the same as their tops whereas usually you get a difference. The fabric is a bit nasty but the awesome big pockets and random toggles make up for that.

You'll probably notice that they are entirely from two charity shops. We have a fair few in Hartlepool but I've generally found that the RSPCA and Barnardos are the best value/best selection for clothes amongst the central shops. I don't generally go to the shops further afield in Hartlepool, though I know I should but these are a convenient little walk from work when I finish before 5pm!

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