Tuesday, 8 May 2012

A Little Tuesday Fun

Okay so I already posted once about being all creative but here's something that required more focus than creativity! I was in Hobbycraft over the weekend aghast at the price of craft equipment when I spotted this little gem in the clearance bin. I bought it more for the little plastic nib which I thought I could use with ink but the picture was so wonderfully tacky and reminded me of psychadelic dungeons and dragons..or the Lord of the Rings cartoon movie that came out in that era! Sadly I didn't take a picture before I scratched off all the silver but I did have fun doing it whilst watching Over the Hedge (Bruce Willis=Racoon=Winning Movie) on Sunday so I borrowed an image from another blog just to give you an idea of how it started. This guy is so going in a frame on my wall!

Also can I just apologize for the scummy, messy carpet in the photos. Yes that is my bedroom. Yes it needs a hoover badly. Yes I am a slob. Nuff said.

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